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How to remove BetterSurf Adware

By EventID.Net

BetterSurf is what is known as an "adware". It installs add-ons for the browsers installed on your system and it will keep pestering you with ads every time you open a webpage. It will not damage your data but it is a nuisance nevertheless.
How do you end up with this? Well, in most cases it is installed along with an application that you thought it was harmless.

Examples are various YouTube video makers, downloaders, media players and so on. They keep changing them in order to avoid recognition by the antivirus software. Many antiviruses don’t label BetterSurf as a virus (since it just displays ads) but for all purposes, this is malware since they are making it as hard as possible to be removed.

To get rid of it, first uninstall (using Windows Control Panel “Programs and Features) any applications with names such as  BetterSurf, WebCake, MediaPlayer, MediaView. Since you are there, uninstall any other application that you don’t use or that you think is suspect. Again, this adware keeps changing its name so tomorrow it may have another name.Better Surf Uninstall

In the image above, see the Media Player, View and Viewer installed by BetterSurf.

Next step is to open every type of Internet browser that you have installed and disable the corresponding add-ons and extensions. Currently, BetterSurf installs add-ons for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and FireFox. Again, disable any other add-on, toolbar, Internet accelerator and so on that look suspicious. If you are not sure about any of them, look them up on the Internet to learn about what they do.

Here is an example of Media View adware Chrome extension.

To be on the safe side, open the C:\Program Files or (C:\Program Files (x86) and delete the BetterSurf, WebCake, MediaView11, MediaPlayer11, etc… folders if they exist.

Restart the Internet browsers and all the ads should be gone. In many cases, BetterSurf will leave some installers in various temporary folders. It would be a good idea at this time to perform a thorough cleaning of your computer. You can use a free tool such as PiriForm CCLeaner.

To prevent future infections, run an antivirus that is able to recognize BetterSurf as a malware. The free Microsoft Essentials is one of them:

March 24, 2014 Update: Another variant of this adware is called Media Watch (saves its files on C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaWatchV1 and creates browsers add-ons with similar names such as Media Watch 1.1.

June 1, 2014 Update: After we installed Malwarebytes a couple of months ago and scanned that particular computer, Bettersurf has not emerged again in any form. Caution should be exercised when configuring Malwarebytes as they tend to overreact in certain areas and disable/remove files that are not related to malware. ALWAYS make a full backup of the system before deciding to secure it with Malwarebytes.

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