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Event ID: 37 Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power

The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 423 seconds since the last report.
From a support forum: "In my case, the problem was related to Intel(R) SpeedStep Technology. As soon as I turned it off in the BIOS these warning messages were no longer displayed."
From a support forum: "The error is coming from an INT call to the BIOS for processor functionality, and a response is being generated that your processor speeds are being limited from full capacity by the motherboard - either for thermal reasons, or because there's some other issue and the processors are faulting. It's time to contact the motherboard vendor and see if there's a BIOS update or firmware update that might address this."
EV100564 (Interpreting CPU Utilization for Performance Analysis) provides a detailed explanation on how to interpret the CPU utilization metric when assessing the performance of a computer.
This is a known bug with Dell PowerEdge T320 Servers and Server 2012 R2.  In my case, it was happening randomly only once or twice a month.  The CPU would go down to below 0.20 Ghz and the server would crawl.

If your CPU has been tested and is not overheating, this is the workaround:

In the PowerEdge Bios, change the System Profile to Performance Optimized.  This will disable C-States and C1E.
This is a known bug with Windows 2012/2012R2.

This Windows error is informational but is marked as an Error in the event log and is just reporting normal processor speed step and C State transitions.

To solve this "error", do the following:

- In Windows, check your Power Options. Make sure that your Power Scheme is set to High Performance, and check that every option is set to “Always On”.
- Make sure you have installed all latest drivers and firmware, especially for your motherboard and CPU.
- Reboot your computer and go to your BIOS settings. Make sure that your power settings are set to maximum. This differs from computer to computer.

In case the error occurs on a server and the above does not resolve the issue, you may optionally set the Minimum Processor Idle Power State “No C-states”.

See EV100511 (PET620 Hyper-V Issue).

When you see this warning please also check the time, when this event was happened. Can you remember, if your machine was running on battery power at this time? If so, this is the answer. At least in my case, every time I get this event id 37 warning, I was running on battery.
EV100176 provides some suggestions to fix this event on HP DL360G6 servers.
Got this error on my M1530 running Windows 7 x64. I could tell the system was running hot and I could hear the fans working really hard on occasions. So, I opened it up and used a can of air to clean out all the dust. Put it back together and the error has not reappeared. Seems to me the CPU got too hot and the fans could not keep the heat under control so the BIOS down-clocked it for safety.
Several posts on support forums suggested that the first step in troubleshooting this error would be to update the motherboard firmware.

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