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Event ID: 100

Path Bus 4 Tgt 3 Lun 0 to APM00035002116 is dead.
Perform the following actions to isolate and resolve the problem:
- Verify that the physical connection between the disconnected splitter or splitters and the Fibre Channel switch is healthy.
- Verify that any host on which a disconnected splitter resides appears in the name server of the Fibre Channel switch. If not, the problem could be because of a bad port on the switch, a bad HBA, or a bad cable.
- Verify that any host on which a disconnected splitter resides is present in the proper zone and that the current zoning configuration is enabled.
- If a replication volume is not accessible to the splitter at the source site, but appears as OK in the management console for that splitter, verify that the splitter is not functioning at the target site (TSP not enabled). During normal replication, the system prevents target-site splitters from accessing the replication volumes.
This error message can occur if the storage is going offline. Immediately after this error, an informational event should be present to say that the device is alive again.

If this event occurs only once, I would ignore it. However, I would be concerned if this was a regular event in the logs and I would immediately speak to the hardware provider.

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