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IT Administrator Tasks

The IT Systems Maintenance Tasks Database performs several functions:

hy Provides a list of recommended maintenance tasks for the most popular IT infrastructure areas.
hy Recommends the skill level to perform these tasks (Junior, Intermediate or Senior level).
hy Suggests the schedule interval to perform these tasks (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly).
hy Provides estimated duration and cost for performing these tasks with or without specialized tools.
hy Provides a summary of duration and costs for for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly periods.
hy Provides the cost savings for performing these tasks with vs. without specialized tools.
The Tasks Database can help administrators, managers and consultants by giving them material to perform their duties, justification to purchase support tools or require additional resources, knowledge on what tasks have to be performed, research tool for saving maintenance costs, required personnel suggestions. As we research them, we will continue to add new categories. In time, the database will contain instructions on how to perform these tasks and links to recommended tools to automate these tasks.
The Tasks Database represents our view on what maintenance tasks should be performed in an ideal situation. Most of the companies do not perform all of these tasks, the reason being lack of resources, lack of knowledge or poor management. The consequence is degradation of the infrastructure performance, firefighting, security incidents, loss of data and the list can continue.

Note: Only the subscribers have full access to the Maintenance Tasks Database. Non-subscribers can only access the first task for each category.

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