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EventReader FAQ

Q. What type of event logs are supported?
A. EvLog supports the Application, System, Security, DNS Server, File Replication Service and Directory Services event logs.

Q. How many systems can I monitor with EventReader 3.0?
A. Theoretically, there is no limit (at least there is not limit imposed by us, programatically) - it all depends on how many your network can support.

Q. I think that the program can be improved. Can I send a suggestion? 
A. Yes, please send any suggestions to [email protected]. We are very flexible on adding new features.

Q. I need to monitor events on computer located behind a firewall. What ports do I have to open on the firewall?
A. EventReader requires the same ports as Microsoft Event Viewer. These are TCP/135, TCP/137 and UDP/137.

Q. I have some technical problems with EventReader. What information do I need to send you?
A. Here are few things that we may need in order to troubleshoot the problem:
- Does Microsoft Event Viewer work fine in the same conditions? (if applicable)
- What error message do you get?
- Did it work before but recently stopped working?
- What operating system do you use on the computer creating the problem?
Send this information to [email protected].

Q. How can I obtain the full access to the links displayed in EventReader reports?
A. A subscription to is required.

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